What you need to know about becoming a licensed Real Estate Agent.

Keller Williams Preferred Properties is offering in Maryland the required classroom course, Principles and Practice of Real Estate. The tuition for this course is $299.00. The course is given by the American Academy of Real Estate and by many degree-granting institutions and community colleges. This course covers all the technical aspects of real estate - math, law, and theory.

Once you pass the Principles Course and the Maryland examination, you must affiliate with a real estate brokerage firm (such as Keller Williams Preferred Properties) in order to have your license activated. If you are unsure of what you wish to do and you want time to consider your options, you may choose to consider our Referral Program. It offers an alternative to becoming a licensed agent that allows you to keep your license active, referring potential buyers and sellers to an actively selling agent and collect a referral fee. At this point, should you choose to affiliate with Keller Williams Preferred Properties, you will join one of our fast start progams, Camp 4:4:3 or Lead Generation 36:12:3, which will teach you the practical aspects of listing and selling properties. Following our classroom and field training, you will be fully prepared to launch a successful real estate career. If you have further questions, please call our Education Director at 240-737-5047.

Hour Requirements:

The hour requirements for this course in Maryland is 60 hours.  

Full payment is required. Pay by charge card or money order only (payable to Keller Williams® Preferred Properties). No checks or cash please. Only by pre-registration and pre-payment are you guaranteed a seat in your selected class.


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